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The Steps:

  1. The scope of the project needs to be defined in a preliminary brief is needed that helps define the work prior to a quotation.
  2. An estimate is worked up based on information gathered from the client as to their needs. Timeframe is established, deliverables are defined. The completeness of the brief and the information provided determines the amount of input required by the illustrator and a degree of desired interaction that will be necessary for the imagery to develop.

  3. Acquisition of assets/reference materials/designers intent. This is the foundation of every image SAI creates.
  4. If 3-D models are available we utilize those, if they are not we can create them in-house. Concept sketches are established as guidelines for the creation of the visualization based on any number of user selected by the client.
  5. The client is given the opportunity to review concept sketches. Will of the sketches establishes guidelines for the visualization. As the illustration progresses the client has again given the opportunity to review and suggest adjustments to content, entourage and point of view. Note: reviews can take place face-to-face, via e-mail and phone, or perhaps a PDF file exchange will suffice. After this final exchange, the image or images are signed off on by the client.
  6. A final render is produced in SAI’s hybrid method usually combining hand-drawn imagery and digital techniques.
  7. The final render is delivered to the client in a manner that is convenient for all stakeholders. Note: the final render can be printed out by SAI in-house given certain size and time restraints.